Monday, November 23, 2009

update, info, links, Santa suits!

Santa's got some Updates for all you Naughty & Nicey St. Nicks:

What are the Four F's?
okay, Snowflakes: Santa's gonna drill this til it comes outta your mouth faster than Ho-Ho-Hos or last night's Nog!
  • Don't fuck with kids!
  • Don't fuck with cops!
  • Don't fuck with security!
  • Don't fuck with Santa!
And remember: If you catch any Poser Santas breaking the rules, tell them to knock it the fuck off immediately or they’ll get their furry fannies paddled ‘til they fudge their flannels!

Spread the Crimson Tide
So far, Boston Santacon 2009 is posted to Facebook, Yelp, Tribe, Calendar, Craigslist Boston Calendar, Eventful, GoingBoston, Zvents, Yahoo Upcoming, and Annual Event Post as well as being listed on and These event listings need more traffic for them to appear on Google searches.

if you wanna make this an even bigger Red Flannel Rampage:
  • RSVP to one or more of the posted events
  • Invite your friends by forwarding an invitation to one or more of the event pages
  • Tweet a link to one or more of the event pages
  • Post a new event page to any social network sites you use that aren't currently on the list or to online calendars you can access that this Santa can't, (like university event calendars?).
  • Download and print some fliers (from and post them on bulletin boards.
links to the existing event listings:
  • Facebook:
  • Yelp:
  • Tribe:
  • Calendar:
  • Craigslist Boston:
  • Eventful:
  • Going Boston:
  • Zvents:
  • Yahoo Upcoming:
  • Annual Event:

Santacon Costume links:
Boston Santacon is less than 4 weeks away! If you haven't got a costume, you'd best figure that shit out!

cheap santa suits:
  • another list of sources:
  • Santa suits on Ebay:
  • tips on making your own cheap and dirty santa suit:
and email Santa Boston directly to get a .pdf with more cheap costume-making advice.

the clock is counting down! so you'd better watch out! you'd better not cry!
merry as hell,
Santa Boston

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