Friday, November 13, 2009

Boston Santacon 2009: 12/19!!

Boston Santacon 2009

Date & Time:
1:00 PM Saturday December 19, 2009
3:00 AM Sunday December 20, 2009
Faneuil Hall, Beacon Hill, Boston Common,
Charles Street, the T, Harvard Square,
bathrooms and gutters all the way

Starting at:
The Purple Shamrock

1 Union Street
Boston, Massachusetts

  • Come December, cacophonous Santas rampage in red flannel through cities around the world. It started in ‘94 when a few dozen Santas crashed downtown San Francisco for a night of Kringle Kaos. Things have now reached Critical Xmas and Santarchy is a global phenomenon. You'd better watch out! Santa's coming to town!
  • Boston Santacon 2009 starts Saturday December 19 at Faneuil Hall Marketplace (Purple Shamrock 1:00). Then Santa marches on Beacon Hill (21st Amendment 3:00), parades through the Common and down Charles Street (Beacon Hill Pub 5:00), rides the Redline to Harvard Square (John Harvard’s 7:00), and finally stumbles down to the Hong Kong in Harvard Square to shake his big red booty ‘til dawn!
  • Info about Santacon: &
  • Find Santa's route on Google Maps: search " Boston Santacon 2009 " or cut & paste this link:
  • Santa updates his where/when progress by text message. For updates:
  1. Join BostonSantacon on Swaggle (
  2. Follow BostonSanta on Twitter (
  3. Text " .join bostonsantacon " without quotes to 206–694–9197.
What should Santa bring?
  1. Flannel: Wear a costume or get left behind
  2. Flask: Pack your own to keep Christmas Spirits high and tabs low
  3. Funds: Bring CASH for booze, subway, buses, taxis and tips. SANTA LEAVES A TIP!!!
  4. Fun: Need I explain?
Rules (keep Santacon fun for everyone, not just you)
The F's of Santacon
  • --> Don't fuck with kids. Santa spreads cheer. Period.
  • --> Don't fuck with cops. Arrest = not fun
  • --> Don't fuck with security. Don't steal. Don't vandalize. Security will tell the cops it was the guy dressed like Santa. That's all of us, jackass.
  • --> Don't fuck with Santa. We're here to have a good time. Can we focus on that?
Get details as they come by email
You can call or text Santa at 206-769-2092
The best way to follow Santa is through Swaggle or Twitter

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