Thursday, December 8, 2011

Boston Santacon Update 2: Route, Times, Locations, Google map, WHEEE!!

 Ho Ho Holycrap!
9 days til Santacon!!

* * *
Last year was epic chaos so the Santas have lined up EXTRA Spill-Over bars at every stop (you're welcome! Santa loves you too!). 

Here are the highlights:
  • 12:00 Porter Square - Christopher's & Tavern in The Square Porter
  • 2:00 - Cambridge Common (Spill-over at Temple Bar, West Side Lounge, O'Sullivan's)
  • 3:30 Harvard Square - Grafton Street & John Harvard's (Spill-over at Whitney's, Grendel's, Charlie's)
  • Mini-jump - People's Republik, Plough & Stars
  • 5:00 dinner in Central Square - Tavern in The Square & The Asgard (Spill-over at Cantab Lounge, Miracle of Science)
  • 9:30 Santa Dance Parties - Middlesex Lounge, Zuzu, Phoenix Landing

There's just no freakin way that all the Santas can fit into one bar. If this year looks anything like last year, it'll be tough for all the Santas to fit into TWO bars. So be prepared to go with the flow - if it looks like one stop is full, merrily make your way to a Spill-Over bar, or head over to the next destination, or mini-jump to someplace in between.

Check out our Google Map for all the details. 

View Boston Santacon 2011: 12/17!! in a larger map

* * *
Be Extra Nice to bar staff!
Part of the greatness of Santacon is bringing a surprise bonus of sales, tips, fun and good cheer to bar staff on an otherwise slow Saturday afternoon. Be patient with and gracious to the bar staff. Show your appreciation with a few extra bucks on their tip. This is what keeps Santa welcomed back year after year. The bar staff are Santa's hosts. 200 unruly Santas are difficult to deal with - disrespecting our hosts is the swiftest way to get Santa unapologetically ejected.

If you get the sense that Santa isn't welcomed by the bar staff, please encourage Santa to head out to the next stop. Santa much prefers to hop down to the next closest bar than to piss off an entire establishment's staff and management.

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