Saturday, December 4, 2010

Update: 4 Fs & costume tips

Alright all ye Santas and Elves. We're less than 2 weeks away from Go Time. Here's some info from Santa to all you Krazy Kringles:
  • Four F's - Who remembers the Four Fs?
  • Costumes - Ya got those Santa Pants screwed on yet?

* * *
I'm sure a lot of you Snowflakes remember the Four F's from past Santacons, but Santa's gonna remind you anyway. If you're new to the Red Felt Rampage, the Four Fs keep Santas safe and out of trouble, so you better drill this 'til it comes outta your mouth faster than Ho-Ho-Hos or last night's Nog!

What are the Four F's?
  • Don't fuck with kids!
  • Don't fuck with cops!
  • Don't fuck with security!
  • Don't fuck with Santa!
And remember: There's no "Bail Fund" for Incarcerated Santas. Any Santas that cross the fun line into asshole land will be told to leave immediately. It's our gracious attitude and good spirit that keeps Santa welcome at these bars. So if you see any Poser Santas breaking the rules, tell them to knock it the fuck off immediately or they’ll get their furry fannies paddled ‘til they fudge their flannels!

* * *
Less than 2 weeks away! If you haven't got a costume, you'd best figure that shit out!
Santacon Costume links:
  • santa suits online:
  • and another list of sources: 
  • Santa suits on Ebay:
  • tips on making your own cheap and dirty santa suit:
  • and Santa Boston has info in a 2-page .pdf for more cheap costume-making advice. Email Santa Boston directly for a copy!
You don't have to come as Santa, but you gotta wear a costume. So come as Santa, or an upside down Christmas tree, or Rudolph the Russian Mobster Reindeer, or Santa, or a Ginger Bread Cookie, or an Elf, or Frosty, or Santa, or Charles Dickens, or ...

* * *
Info for Boston Santacon 2010 is posted around to a whole bunch of sites. No one should have any trouble finding details. But if you know somebody who wants to come and just can't figure out how to search the Tubes, feel free to email Santa Boston directly, or to print the attached flier and hand it to them.

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